Sports To Be Eliminated

A look at the status of the sports to be eliminated at Cal State Long Beach:

MEN’S AND WOMEN’S SWIMMING–“I have to tell my kids that it’s over,” Coach Tim Shaw said Wednesday. “We didn’t save it and it’s time to move on.” Shaw said it was impossible to raise $300,000 by June 1. He had an alternative plan, under which he would have tried to raise $60,000 by Friday to cover the cost of his five scholarships and also work for free. “We couldn’t get close to $60,000 by Friday,” Shaw said.

MEN’S TENNIS–“It’s pretty tough,” said Coach Peter Smith. “I was told I have to raise $75,000 by June 1 and another $70,000 by Jan. 1. Bake sales are out the window.” For help, Smith is looking to one or two individuals and a corporation and is considering holding an exhibition match between pro players he knows. “We have a good following, but unfortunately it’s a middle-class following,” said Smith, whose team is 4-0.

MEN’S GOLF–The operating budget is $40,000 a year, said Daniel Gooch, co-chairman of a committee trying to save the sport. Gooch said he’s given Athletic Director Corey Johnson a budget of $36,000, but that Johnson hasn’t responded. Gooch believes it is unfair that Johnson wants a guarantee of $80,000 to keep the program running for two years. “We’re not assured that the continuation of the men’s golf program is uppermost in Mr. Johnson’s mind,” Gooch said. Coach Del Walker has indicated he would work without his $14,000 in salary and benefits.