Violence in Sports

Regarding fan violence (“Snowballs in Hell,” editorial, Dec. 28): It is just a reflection of the greedy athletes they came out to see. I grew up a N.Y. Giant fan, and as a kid even had season seats at Yankee Stadium. I paid $35 for the seven home games, the tickets were in the bleachers behind the end zone. But come blizzard, rainstorm or whatever nature threw at us, we went. Loyal Giant fans, not like today.

Today’s athletes no longer have the team spirit, the respect for tradition and most of all no respect for the people who made them what they have become, the new breed of fan. A player scores and rather than hand the ball to the referee, he has to do a 10-minute dance routine that the networks show.

Heck, the new loyal fan figures he has to do something outrageous to be on TV like his or her heroes on the field.


Los Angeles

I, like you, was pleased with the way Giant officials are dealing with the irresponsible fans who threw snowballs and iceballs during the Giants/Chargers game. However, consider where these fans learn how to act. Remember the joke “In the middle of a fight a hockey game broke out”? Our sports heroes need equally stiff penalties

Hockey has long been known as a sport where fights were common. Now, there is not a sport that doesn’t have players acting in an unsportsmanlike manner.

The puny financial penalties are certainly not going to scare these millionaires. When irresponsible players are tossed out of the game (or the season), and teams lose because of their irresponsible actions, these players (or their replacements) might then begin to set good examples for their fans.


Van Nuys

In your illuminating presentation of crime and sports, you missed a simple solution. All that is necessary for this nonsense to stop dead in its tracks is: Athletic organizations kick the offenders off the team, regardless. They will come out ahead in the long run. And for the fans to refuse to come to games if the offenders remain on the team and let TV advertisers know that their products will be boycotted if they support teams that retain offenders.